• MASS Suit Pro Series
  • MASS Suit Pro Series
  • MASS Suit Pro Series
  • MASS Suit Pro Series
  • MASS Suit Pro Series
  • MASS Suit Pro Series
  • MASS Suit Pro Series
  • MASS Suit Pro Series
  • MASS Suit Pro Series
  • MASS Suit Pro Series
  • MASS Suit Pro Series
  • MASS Suit Pro Series
  • MASS Suit Pro Series
  • MASS Suit Pro Series
  • MASS Suit Pro Series
  • MASS Suit Pro Series
  • MASS Suit Pro Series
  • MASS Suit Pro Series
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MASS Suit Pro Series

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Increase your workout efficiency up to 73% with the MASS Suit Pro Series, the Ultimate in Accelerated fitness training. Simply apply the Suit to any workout routine and you will see enhanced results in strength, speed, explosion and endurance. YES, you may train in your hockey equipment!

  • Increase your workout efficiency up to 73%!
  • Increase or decrease resistance by easily adding or removing clips and bands.
  • Total body resistance training for every sport and fitness routine.
  • Additional sleeves, straps, and bands included.
  • Train in your hockey equipment!
The Mass Suit Pro Series Includes:
  • 2 Elbow Sleeves.
  • 2 Knee Straps.
  • 2 Foot Booties.
  • 2 Over The Shoe Straps.
  • 2 Hand Grips.
  • 2 Wrist Straps.
  • 1 O2 Trainer.
  • 1 MASS Suit Sports Bag.
  • 2 Silver Elbow Bands (Medium Strength).
  • 4 Gold Arm Bands (Heavy Strength).
  • 2 Gold Arm Bands (Heavy Strength).
  • 2 Silver Knee Bands (Medium Strength).
  • 4 (2 Silver, 2 Red) Leg Bands (Medium & Heavy Strength).

Hockey is a very intensive sport and tests an athlete’s strength, speed, endurance, and agility on every shift of a season. In the new NHL, speed is the one aspect that hockey coaches place the most emphasis on. It is a common misconception that speed comes naturally for many players as this is far from the truth. Speed can definitely be improved with the proper training courses. The MASS Suit helps build muscle and cardio endurance, explosive movements and muscle reflex by employing resistance bands attached to the suit. These bands are positioned in angles that force the body to work against its natural movements In addition to improving speed, the MASS suit can improve balance, power, muscle stamina, strength, and cardio stamina. All of these aspects work in tandem to improve a player's overall speed. The exercises detailed below can be performed with or without the MASS suit. However, using the suit significantly increases the effectiveness of the workouts. By using the MASS Suit in your speed training you will be increasing your speed, endurance and strength even faster. See results within 14 days. The MASS Suit has been shown to enhance your workout efficiency by 73%!

ON-ICE Training:

The MASS Suit can be used on-ice during practice with the team or for training to enhance performance and technique essential to speed and power. Add the MASS Suit to any drill or sprint exercise and each time a player skates he will be pushing against the resistance force thus improving leg, glute and core strength along with overall power.

OFF-ICE Training:

1. SPRINTS Sprinting is among the most basic exercise and has been used to improve speed for many years due to its documented efficiency. Sprinting speed training exercises for hockey mainly focus on short bursts of top speed sprints with intervals of relaxation. One of the most recommendable sprint workouts for hockey is the 30-second sprint. To perform this exercise, start with a thorough warm-up session for 5 to 10 minutes. The first sprint is performed at around 60% maximum intensity. This is followed by a 2-minute recovery period where you slow down to an easy jog or fast walk. Perform the next 30-second sprint at around 80% maximum intensity followed by another 2-minute recovery. The final sprint is then performed at 100% maximum intensity (all-out effort) for another 30 seconds. Ensure that you recover for around 4 minutes to allow breathing and heart rate to slow back to normal. Depending on your fitness levels and abilities, this workout is repeated 4 to 8 times. Athletes who are more fit can upgrade their workout to 60 seconds sprints. One or two days rest is recommended between each sprint workout. There are numerous variations of sprinting exercises. The most effective for speed are short intensive workouts with recovery intervals.

2. PLYOMETRICS Plyometric exercises serve to improve a muscles ability to generate as strong a contraction as possible in the shortest amount of time. Explosive muscle power is a key determiner of speed and acceleration in hockey and other sports. Pushing the legs downwards into the ground enables the athlete’s muscles to stretch quickly and rebound upward explosively thus pushing them forward. As such, vertical oriented plyometric workouts, jumps in particular are used for speed training in hockey.

3. BOX JUMPS Find a sturdy box about knee-high. Stand with your feet forward at shoulder-width length. Your knees, hips, and ankles should be slightly bent in a ready athlete's position. Swing your arms backwards while flexing your ankles, knees, and hips followed by swinging your arms forward and at the same time jump explosively to propel yourself onto the box. Step down to the starting position and repeat. Complete five sets of 8-10 repetitions.

4. STANDING LONG JUMPS Start with your feet forward at shoulder width length. Your ankles, knees, and hips should be slightly bent in a ready athlete's position. Using a backward then forward arm swing while flexing your ankles, knees, and hips, jump explosively and launch your body as far as possible in the forward direction. You should land in a squat position and absorb the impact by flexing your ankles, knees, and hips. Aim for five sets of five consecutive jumps.

5. RICOCHET JUMPS Start by marking out a small square (around 2 or 3 feet square) on the floor with chalk or paint. With your feet together, stand at a chosen corner of the square and execute jumps from random corner to corner. Each ground contact is 1 repetition. For this workout, focus on maximum speed rather than jump height.

6. LATERAL JUMPS Start this exercise by standing alongside a bench, cone or box about 30cm high. With your feet at hip width, jump sideways over the obstacle then jump back to the starting position while keeping ground contact at a minimum. Aim to perform as many repetitions as possible within a short time period. It is important to note that any exercises that focuses on the speed, endurance and strength of lower body muscles are beneficial in speed training. The reason behind this is because the bulk of forward propelling power originates from lower body muscles.

The MASS suit is a recommendable accessory to incorporate into all forms of upper and lower body workouts in order to ensure all muscles are firing at the same rate and to ensure a complete workout.


The MASS Suite is great for different types of applications such as: Sports:

  • No matter what sport you are training for, the MASS Suit provides unparalleled access to the tools that will help an athlete reach the next level by helping all muscles fire and train the entire body simultaneously so everything works together making you a dominate athlete.

Everyday Health and Fitness:

  • Scientific evidence shows that the best bodies are built in the kitchen. Diet and exercise work together to improve fitness and physical performance. To get the results you deserve, you need the knowledge and information necessary to live a healthy, clean life while taking the correct approach to sculpting your body the right way.


  • Live pain free, live happy. The MASS Suit is designed to enhance rehabilitation efforts to strengthen injured muscles while providing prevention against joint pain, and muscular and body deficiencies.

Special Needs:

  • The MASS Suit is used as a treatment for cerebral palsy and other neurological disorders as it acts as an exoskeleton to provide continuous joint compression and proprioceptive input to the body while being worn. The input from the suit sends signals to the brain to facilitate a motor response from the central nervous system. This response reeducates specific muscles in new movement patterns while the body is in correct alignment to improve motor function. The bungees allow the body to be in correct postural alignment and provide continuous tactile stimulation to desired muscle groups. The bungees also provide resistance to all muscle groups during movement for strengthening through their entire range of motion.

Military Training:

  • Train Smart to give your Body the Optimal Chance to Perform at it’s Highest Level in all Situations. The MASS Suit will simulate the heavy gear you wear, but with safety and efficiency. Take control of your Body, Mind and Spirit with our Innovative & Proven Technology.
Typically ships in 3 - 5 business days
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