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About Us

At xHockeyProducts™, our goal is to help hockey players reach their full potential.

xHockeyProducts was founded by professional athletes who know what it takes to reach the highest levels of sport. We are passionate about the great game of hockey and strive to create awareness to grow it from a grass-roots level. As current and former players, we do not underestimate our role as ambassadors. In providing interactive experiences, our goals are for fans of the game to have fun and for players to be challenged; and in training our goal is to help hockey players reach their full potential through education and innovative training aids.

Our AUTHENTIC lineup of xHockey training tools lead our industry in quality and range from passing aids to shooting targets and everything in between. Whether you're looking to improve your shooting accuracy or progress your stick handling skills, we have the hockey training tools to improve your game. We also carry a variety of hockey coaching equipment to support coaches in their quest to improve their team. Last but not least, our on-ice and off-ice training equipment incorporates the latest advancements in hockey training techniques and technology to bring you the most realistic game situations possible.

We are YOUR SOURCE FOR EVERYTHING HOCKEY • xHockeyProducts™ - Built for Players by Players.

xHockeyProducts™ Team

Bryce Salvador and Peter Ing Passionate Owners

Passionate Owners

We are professional athletes who are passionate about the great game of hockey and strive to grow the game from a grass-roots level.

Bryce Salvador and Peter Ing Customer Service

Customer Service

We are visible and active owners who believe in personal interactions and place our names and reputations behind our customer service.

Bryce Salvador and Peter Ing Expertise


We design and build our own equipment, we own and operate a professional hockey facility, and have a tacit knowledge from playing in more than 800 NHL games.

Bryce Salvador

Fan-tastic Sports™ LLC | xHockeyProducts™


Bryce Salvador

Bryce is a driving force behind xHockeyProducts™. As an NHL captain of the New Jersey Devils with two decades of professional hockey experience, Bryce uses his knowledge of the game and passion to develop the best hockey training aids and interactive equipment possible.

Peter Ing

INGcorporated™ Inc. | xHockeyProducts™


Peter Ing

As an NHL goaltender for the Toronto Maple Leafs, Edmonton Oilers, and Detroit Red Wings, Peter provides tacit knowledge of the game of hockey. Peter also provides extensive business experience to xHockeyProducts™ with over two decades in executive management.