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Toronto, Ontario -

Eyecarrot Innovations Corp (TSX-V: EYC) is pleased to announce the appointment of Bryce Salvador as Special Advisor, Product Development - High Performance and Athletics. Bryce will oversee the development of all products as it relates to their use in high performance and athletic training.

Bryce is the former captain of the New Jersey Devils who has just retired after playing 14 seasons in the NHL. He is also the CEO of xHockey Products, one of North America’s leading eCommerce and retailers of performance hockey equipment, products, and training aids. Through a partnership with the Rockets Sports Group, located in Bridgewater, NJ, Bryce looks to build a flagship center of excellence in the Northeast for sports performance.

“Bryce brings his passion for development of athletes and prevention of injury through innovative methods to the Eyecarrot product suite. He adds experience and knowledge on expanding the vision,functionality, and scalability of our products for a global audience. His personal experiences, including using Vision Training as part of his rehabilitation from concussion injuries, as well as his extensive network and direct distribution channel should prove to be invaluable to us”, commented Dr. Brent Norton, President and CEO of Eyecarrot.

Bryce Salvador stated, “I am excited to be a part of the Eyecarrot Team. After a cochlear concussion had left me sidelined for an entire hockey season, vision therapy along with sports vision training alleviated my visual symptoms and played a crucial role in my return to playing hockey in the NHL. Not only did the therapy help me recover from this injury, but it also enabled me to see the game in a way that I hadn’t before. In joining Eyecarrot, I have the opportunity to use my first-hand experience to contribute to the development of Eyecarrot’s high performance products for athletes and non-athletes alike”.

About Eyecarrot

Eyecarrot is Engineering Vision Science through Innovation and Big Data. We are building the BinoviTM Cloud, a universal system for testing and measuring a human’s Oculomotor Sensory System performance.

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