• Hockey Vision Training Puck Pro
  • Hockey Vision Training Puck Pro
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Hockey Vision Training Puck Pro

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Improve your on-ice vision with HockeyVision Training Pucks. Training with a set of these to gain the confidence you desire to "MAKE THE PLAY" or "MAKE THE SAVE"!

  • Utilizes Hockey Vision Technology to train your eyes!
  • ELITE SERIES - certified by xHockeyProducts
  • One Pro Hockey Vision™ Training Puck.
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The Hockey Vision Pucks were designed by our team to train your vision. Made with real rubber, these pucks are manufactured to last. Our Hockey Vision Patented Technology makes you see a smaller black portion of the puck and trains your vision to find the puck better. Once you use a regular puck, it might as well be the size of a beach ball!

  • Can be used off-ice as well on a synthetic ice plastic area.
  • Helps improve your vision on ice.


Will help players and goalies to achieve:

  • Seeing your open teammates.
  • Seeing the passing lanes.
  • Making passes.
  • Read the play.
  • Shooting with your "Head Up".
  • Depth Perception.
  • Focusing.
  • Puck Tracking.
  • Reactionary Hand-Eye Movements.

Our xHockeyProducts Elite Series is comprised of products that prove superior in craftsmanship, materials, performance and durability when compared to other products within their respective categories. Elite Series products may not be the least expensive, but if your training requires elite-level performance and reliability you can rest assured knowing these products meet our professional standard. Look for the Elite Series designation...certified by xHockeyProducts!

Typically ships in 1 - 2 business days
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