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White Ice XHP Number: BPTW2017

True White Ice Paint

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White Ice is an industry leader in Ice Paint and provide a superior product that is easy to use, easy to clean up and environmentally friendly.

  • One 44 lb (20 kg) bag of True White Ice Paint.
  • Each bag will cover approximately 850-1050 square feet or 79-98 square meters.
  • Note: eight bag minimum.
  • Due to size and weight, this product ships via freight.

True white is naturally environmentally friendly and is made with naturally occurring minerals. The chemists have created a formula that provides superior suspension, hide qualities, and virtually eliminates plugging in most application systems. This product goes through vigorous quality control and testing to provide consistent brilliant white surfaces!

With True White Ice paint's environmentally friendly formula, when the ice melts the paint will return to a powder form that can be swept up and put in the garbage or if left it will just blow away with no adverse effects to human, animal or environment. For these reasons, it makes it the perfect paint for outdoor and backyard rinks.

  • True White is specially formulated to give brilliant whiteness.
  • It is environmentally friendly.
  • Built with a superior hide quality, the True White Ice Paint also eliminates plugging.
  • Great for Ice Whiting or Ice Coloring.
  • Give your hockey players and figure skaters the best opportunity to excel in their sport! Let White Ice paint provide your arena with an ice surface that surpasses the competitors.
  • Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is available upon request.

Instructions: fill container with COLD water. Add product to water slowly. One (1) bag: 13.2 US gallons or 50 Litres. Mix thoroughly, ensuring all particles are dispersed. Apply mixture with conventional spray applicator. Once the final coat is inspected for imperfections, apply several fine seals of water to protect the coats from damage.

Recommended 2 coat application: standard arena 85' x 200'. Note: 8 bags per coat or 16 bags for two coats. Our White Ice True White Ice Paint is environmentally friendly and non hazardous, we sell to outdoor arenas and backyard rinks all over Canada and are a premier choice because our paint can be left to dry and blow away in the wind! It is a calcium carbonate product that is mined from the ground and can return to nature with no adverse effects to the grass, people or animals.


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Typically ships in 3 - 5 business days. We have stock, but CONTACT US for a CUSTOM QUOTE.
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