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  • VersaClimber SRM from xHockeyProducts.ca Canada
  • VersaClimber SRM from xHockeyProducts.ca Canada
  • VersaClimber SRM from xHockeyProducts.ca Canada
  • VersaClimber SRM from xHockeyProducts.ca Canada
  • VersaClimber SRM from xHockeyProducts.ca Canada
  • VersaClimber SRM from xHockeyProducts.ca Canada
  • VersaClimber SRM from xHockeyProducts.ca Canada
  • VersaClimber SRM from xHockeyProducts.ca Canada
  • VersaClimber SRM from xHockeyProducts.ca Canada
  • VersaClimber SRM from xHockeyProducts.ca Canada
  • VersaClimber SRM from xHockeyProducts.ca Canada
Versaclimber XHP Number: versaclimber-SRM

VersaClimber SRM Sport Rehab Model

Price: $8,199.00
Typically ships in 2 - 3 weeks

The idea for the Sport Rehab Model VersaClimber is the results of working closely with clinicians, sports trainers, health care practitioners, therapists, the disabled and others who have a special interest in improved rehabilitation therapy.


One VersaClimber SM with the follwing FEATURES:

  • Contra-Lateral Cross Crawl climbing pattern.
  • Polar heart rate monitoring.
  • Adjustable resistance 1-500 lbs.
  • Interactive Voice feedback module.
  • 1-20 inch step range of motion.
  • Standard climb motion.
  • Seat mount bracket (seat sold seperately).
  • Double welded steel construction.
  • Quick release straight hand grips.
  • Quick Release Running Handles.
  • Module: 6 landmark & 6 opponents, Time, cal, stroke inches, total vertical feet.
  • Padded side hand rails for use as a stepper.
  • Isolate one or both Arms.
  • Isolate lower limbs.
  • Range of motion limiters.
  • Velcro foot straps.
  • Adjustable hand grips in 3 different settings.
  • Arm Extenders (accomodate users 6'3" to 6'8"). Ceiling height must be a minimum 8'.
  • Adjustable Seat with Seat Mount Bracket (must be confibured at time of purchase)
  • Wall Mount Bracket (available Left, Center or Right configurations).
  • VersaBlue - an electronics module that adds Bluetooth capability to VersaClimber enabling it to be used with the VersaClimber app on iPhone or Android.


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The SRM Rehab Model VersaClimber is a total body, closed chain, rehabilitation exercise machine. It utilizes one of the most natural and intensity selective muscular activities to which the body can be subjected. The SRM is fully adjustable to fit the height, weight and length of all types of athletes and patients. Total body vertical climbing exercise and rehabilitation routines have been developed to provide a continuous arm and leg action in a seated or standing position, using a wide selection of stroke lengths, stroke rates, and resistance levels. Using the adjustable seat mount, VersaClimber allows patient to progress from non to partial to full weight bearing, full body exercise. SRM comes standard with Contra-Lateral Movement Pattern climb pattern.


The VersaClimber has the option for Contra-Lateral Movement Pattern (also known as alternate reciprocal). This pattern replicates our natural "running motion" and can be applied to a VersaClimber.  Contra-Lateral is used when we crawl, walk or run. It is otherwise known as our natural GAIT pattern. Contra-Lateral Movement Pattern provides a unique alternative to the "standard" climbing motion VersaClimber provides. The Contra-Lateral Movement motion is produced when the arm and leg approach each other on one side of body while the opposite arm and leg separate on the other side. It has been demonstrated this natural pattern will more safely and effectively strengthen the para-spinal musculature.

VersaClimber models that come included with "Contra-Lateral Movement Pattern" are: H, HP, SM and SMA. It can be added to LX for additional amount / optional upgrade indicated by "CC" for the LX series.

VersaClimber "Contra-Lateral Movement Pattern" replicates crawling. Crawling is a developmental movement pattern that ties everything about you together. Through this movement pattern, cross crawl neural connections and pathways are established in the brain that allow the brain to become more efficient at communication between left and right hemispheres.

If you are an athlete who runs, Contra-Lateral Movement Pattern would allow you to not compromise the biomechanical integrity of your running movement pattern. (Just think of all sports that the athlete runs).

Contra Pattern


"If I could only have one piece of equipment to train with for the rest of my life," James says to ESPN, "the Versaclimber would be it." "We've been doing it for a long, long time," says Mike Mancias, James' personal trainer. "And the reason we do it is to conserve. No pounding on the joints. No wear on his back, his knees, his ankles, all that, his hips. It's just all non-weight-bearing cardio. It was a godsend, really. And I have to, we need to thank our ex-strength coach Stan Kellers, who kind of guided us to start using that. And Stan Kellers is a legend for it."

- LeBron James, Three-time NBA Champion, Three-time NBA Finals MVP, and Four-time NBA Most Valuable Player.

"Well, I work out a lot, and I do VersaClimbing while I sing," Gaga told Good Morning America. "I'm singing the show while I'm doing it. Because the show is full-on cardio ... it's cardio while singing."

- Lady Gaga, speaking about her preparation for Super Bowl LI.

"Probably last year and the year before, I've kind of fallen in love with how quickly you can get in shape with the VersaClimber," says Kyrie Irving. "It's just exertion of your full body, of everything, and then the mental part of just putting your body through high physical exertion; I love it.

- Kyrie Irving, 4-Time All-Star, All-Star Game MVP, NBA Champion.


Health clubs, physical therapy clinics, military, universities, professional teams and other training and conditioning facilities world wide choose the VersaClimber for its unsurpassed cardio benefits, versatility and relentless durability. Get Better Results in less time. Studies have proven the unique arm/leg climbing action, provides you a higher calorie burn rate than ellipticals, treadmills and steppers–in less time. Versaclimbing is a zero impact, injury free, total body, functional training workout.

The VersaClimber product line for the new millennium combines precision engineering, relentless durability and unique styling with endless choices and versatility for its users. The advanced module offers pre-set and programmable training sessions, calories burned, time, distance and accurate reliable heart rate monitoring. Heart Rate Inc. is recognized worldwide for its innovative design and top quality equipment. Heart Rate products are hand made in the USA and constructed with maximum durability and longevity in mind. This complete line of cardio and strength equipment offers every facility, large or small, the most innovative and versatile products available on the market.


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Typically ships in 2 - 3 weeks
SRM Height:
7′ 10″
SRM Power:
110v Only
SRM Base:
43″ x 50″
SRM Weight:
165 lbs
Return Policy:
This product is a Final Sale
3 year limited, 3 year frame warranty, 2 year rollers, chains, sprockets and slides, 1 Year display electronics. 1 Year Parts/Labor