• xDeviator 1.0 at xHockeyProducts.ca Canada
  • xDeviator 1.0 at xHockeyProducts.ca Canada
  • xDeviator 1.0 at xHockeyProducts.ca Canada
  • xDeviator 1.0 Hockey Stickhandling Trainer
  • xDeviator 1.0 Hockey Stickhandling Trainer
  • xDeviator 1.0 Hockey Stickhandling Trainer
  • xDeviator 1.0 at xHockeyProducts.ca Canada
  • xDeviator 1.0 at xHockeyProducts.ca Canada
  • xDeviator 1.0 at xHockeyProducts.ca Canada
  • xDeviator 1.0 Hockey Stickhandling Trainer
  • xDeviator 1.0 Hockey Stickhandling Trainer
  • xDeviator 1.0 Hockey Stickhandling Trainer
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xDeviator 1.0 Hockey Stickhandling Trainer

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Improve your puck control, stickhandling, and passing skills with the versatile new xDeviator™ 1.0. The single large opening allows you to attack with speed during on-ice or off-ice training. Built with the same outstanding quality as all of our products, the xDeviator™ 1.0 is the perfect for use on it's own or in multiples to create a stickhandling obstacle course.

  • As seen on 
  • Large area between feet allow players to attack with speed.
  • Multiple units may be utilized to create unlimited drill ideas.
  • Ultimate portability for your hockey or coaches bag!
  • Built to withstand commercial training facility environments. Made in the USA with patent-pending technology.
  • ELITE SERIES - certified by xHockeyProducts
  • One xDeviator 1.0 Hockey Stickhandling Trainer.

THE ULTIMATE PORTABLE STICKHANDLING TRAINER: all great hockey players share the ability to control the puck and stickhandle under game-situation pressure. This talent is developed through years of training and is essential to improving as a player.

 The xDeviator™ 1.0 is an ideal training device to enhance your puck control, reaction speed and hand-eye coordination. Using patent-pending technology and an innovative design, the xDeviator™ 1.0 can be set up in many ways to challenge players of all ages and skill levels.

The versatility of this product keeps training fun and allows the user to create their own drills...so a player is only limited by their imagination. The xDeviator™ 1.0's flexibility of design, ease of configuration and ultimate portability make it perfect to train with both on and off the ice. 
Take your game to the next level with the xDeviator™ 1.0!

The xDeviator is also perfect for training with official Floorball balls, or for training with official street hockey balls.  The ultimate hockey cross-training aid from your teammates at xHockeyProducts!

  • Large area between feet makes this the ideal tool for high speed training
  • Improve your saucer passes and passing accuracy
  • Fine tune your hand-eye coordination as you add a level of difficulty as your stick handling practice
  • Spread out multiple units to create an obstacle course in conjunction with one of our xPassers™.
  • Perfect for starting on-ice speed and skill drills
  • Utilizes the highest quality materials to meet our xHockeyProducts™ standard.
  • No cavity-back, the components are full thickness high-density plastic throughout.

Our xHockeyProducts Elite Series is comprised of products that prove superior in craftsmanship, materials, performance and durability when compared to other products within their respective categories. Elite Series products may not be the least expensive, but if your training requires elite-level performance and reliability you can rest assured knowing these products meet our professional standard. Look for the Elite Series designation...certified by xHockeyProducts!


Unbox your xDeviator™ and configure it to the best shape that suits your specific training needs. There are literally endless configurations to choose from, so go ahead and challenge yourself or any player to improve! Once your training session is complete, simply fold up the xDeviator and go. Oh and heads up, the Zamboni is coming.

The xDeviator™ lineup is the ideal tool for enhancing puck control and developing stickhandling skills both on-ice and off-ice. This training tool is perfect for use with regulation pucks, Floorballs, and street hockey balls for all of your hockey cross-training needs. Every xDeviator™ is made in the USA with patent-pending technology, and can be used on any surface with any type of puck or ball. Each version of the xDeviator™ is designed for specific coaching and training purposes.

  • xDeviator™: The original configurable, portable stickhandling tool with seven openings to attack. Ideal for developing and fine-tuning stickhandling patterns in tight spaces.
  • xDeviator™ Mini: A smaller, more compact option for smaller training spaces. Three configurable openings. Also good to use as a starting gate for on-ice drills.
  • xDeviator™ 4.0: Four configurable openings with larger areas between feet to enable the player to attack with speed.
  • xDeviator™ 1.0: A single larger area between feet is ideal for attacking with speed. Can be spread out to use as gates in an obstacle-style course in conjunction with one of our xPassers™.
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