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MSRP: $2,995.00
Price: $2,699.95
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The xGoalie gets you as close as possible to shooting on a real 6' 2' goalie in an authentic postion.  This solid steel frame with padded body suit is perfect for use in a training centers or ice rink.

Your choice of:
  • One Upright xGoalie™ or One Butterfly xGoalie™.
  • Solid metal frame and padded Body Suit Included.
  • Note: Goalie equipment is not included in the purchase price.
  • As close as possible to shooting on a real goalie.
  • Perfect for use in training centers and ice rinks.
  • Great for replacing your team's goalie when practicing "one-timers"!
  • Made to handle real pucks and fit regulation nets.
  • Made to be used with real goalie equipment.
  • Can be used both on and off-ice.
  • Available in two different stances.
  • Stick is made of cast iron.
  • Ideal for rink owners looking to create a goalie rental program.
  • Provides the same craftsmanship found in the Sniper's Fire™ Goalie.
  • Customizable to order (contact us for more information).
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