• XHP Advanced Slide Board Package
  • XHP Advanced Slide Board Package
xHockeyProducts XHP Number: XHP-Advanced

XHP Advanced Slide Board Package

MSRP: $599.95
Price: $499.95

The xHockeyProducts™ Advanced Slide Board Package enables both players and goalies to work on building leg strength, power, and endurance. The additional width of the slideboard allows players to simultaneously practice passing and stickhandling, allows goalies to refine movements and positioning, and is also able to accommodate multiple athletes.

  • The best training system on the market for for multi-functional for hockey or fitness training.
  • Strengthen leg power and endurance while training hockey skills.
  • Adjustable end stops allow adjustments to the training surface to suit all ages and abilities.
  • Bag for ultimate transportability INCLUDED!
  • Four (4) XHP Advanced End Blocks.
  • Four (4) XHP Rotating Square Blocks.
  • One (1) XHP Large Slideboard Bag.
  • One Year Warranty.
Your choice of:
  • One 5' x 8' XHP Advanced Slide Board Pro (96" x 60").
  • One 5' x 10' XHP Advanced Slide Board Pro (120" x 60").
Your choice of:
  • One (1) pair of xSlideboard Booties Medium (Shoe size 6 to 9).
  • One (1) pair of xSlideboard Booties Large (Shoe size 9 to 12).
xHockeyProducts™ Advanced Slide Board:
  • Low impact system will increase cardio performance, agility, balance and coordination.
  • Offers various stages of progression within fitness to challenge all levels of athletes.
  • Allows players to develop agility and skating stride (both forward and backward), practice their shot, strengthen their stickhandling skills, work on precision passing (forehand and backhand), and strengthen core muscles.
  • Enables the athlete to improve the appropriate firing patterns of the core muscles and train simultaneous rotation and stabilization function for use together and avoid isolation joints.
  • Ideal for simultaneous training of multiple athletes.
  • Reinforced non-skid underside ensures it stays in place.
  • The highest quality polycarbonate resin makes it highly durable.
xHockeyProducts™ Advanced End Blocks:
  • Force athletes to keep their entire foot planted on the sliding surface increasing muscle development in the upper foot and lower ankle.
  • Deeper knee bend during exercises with this product will also increase balance and flexibility.
xHockeyProducts™Rotating Blocks:
  • Provides a flat surface to push into for use in numerous routines incorporating foot pivots and hip rotations.
  • Deeper knee bend during exercises with this product will also increase balance and flexibility.
Medium xHockeyProducts™ Slide Socks:
  • Nearly indestructible and will not fray or wear like conventional nylon booties.
  • Perfect for all slide boards and synthetic ice surfaces.
  • Reversible and machine washable.
xHockeyProducts™ Goalie Leg Pad Sleeves:
  • Specially designed to assist with detailing and perfecting save techniques for goalies off-ice.
  • Covers the inside pad, allowing the goaltender to perfect slide and butterfly save techniques just as they are performed On-Ice.
  • Training is smoother and allows goalies to enhance the exact execution with great ease and success.
  • Designed with inner-side elastic to keep them perfectly positioned on the pads.
  • The leg pad sleeve protects the pads so well that there is no need to worry about harming your pads while training off ice.
  • The can also be used on surfaces that are very smooth and clean - perfect for any dryland training system.

CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE: After assembly, clean the entire top surface with a standard window cleaner (Windex, etc.) and a soft cloth. When dry, apply the included slide spray or a spray-type furniture polish with a clean cloth to maintain a slick sliding surface.


Stick handle with two hands, and then with just one. Practice moving forward and backward with the puck, while keeping your head up. The puck will move just as it does on ice. This exercise will help you gain arm and hand strength, and will greatly improve your game. This is a skill that most goalies do not master. Learning to handle the puck will give you and your team an edge, by maintaining puck possession.


This is a crucial skill for players that is commonly overlooked. Working on passing with one hand, and then with both. Work on your positioning on the puck, and your follow-through after the shot. This drill will improve your wrist and arm strength. This is a skill that will be beneficial to you and your team. You can lead a break out by passing the puck. By improving your passing skills, you will keep the puck out of your defensive zone, and quicken the pace of the game.


Balance, speed, and strength are gained while performing the post-to-post technique. A series of distances are available, ranging from 3-ft. to 8-ft in length. Focus on keeping your core engaged and making sure you are well positioned while in motion. T-Push Challenge - Return To rotating blok and explode to practice that first stride. Forward and backward mobility is learned, focusing on technique and movement.

Up to 10ft
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