• Green Biscuit Red xHockeyProducts.ca Canada
  • Green Biscuit Red xHockeyProducts.ca Canada
  • Green Biscuit Red xHockeyProducts.ca Canada
  • Green Biscuit Red xHockeyProducts.ca Canada
  • Green Biscuit Red xHockeyProducts.ca Canada
  • Green Biscuit Red xHockeyProducts.ca Canada
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Green Biscuit Red

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Your surface doesn't have to be perfect for the xHockeyProducts Green Biscuit™, but the better the surface the better the performance. Pass and stickhandle your XHP Green Biscuit™ with your xPasser™ and xDeviator™ today!

  • One Green Biscuit in Red.
  • AVOID DELAYS: ensure your CREDIT CARD and BILLING addresses MATCH.

NOTE: For passing and stick handling practice only. Do not use for shooting practice.


Compared to a regular puck, which quickly ends up on its edge when attempting to stick handle on pavement or concrete, the Green Biscuit handles beautifully on almost any surface. In fact, the better the surface, the better it will perform!

  • Designed to develop forehand, backhand, one-touch, saucer and drop passing.
  • Slides effortlessly on virtually any rough surface so you can play on driveways, parking lots, streets, basements, tennis courts, etc.
  • Stays flat - won't tumble or flip over.
  • Ideal for perfecting toe-drags, puck control and stickhandling.
  • Plays on the street like a real puck on ice.
  • Perfect for players of all ranges and skill, from beginners to pros.
  • Enables hockey players of all ages to practise their skills whenever and wherever possible.
  • Works perfectly on all plastic flooring like the xTiles to simulate the exact glide and feel of an on-ice puck.

Using the Green Biscuit will not only help improve your puck handling and passing skills, but it will improve your confidence too. Feeling more comfortable with the puck on your stick when you take to the ice with your team and knowing that you have the ability to make clean, crisp passes to your teammates, the better your chances of on-ice success.

“I would tell the kids, if you really and truly are interested in improving your stick handling, saucer pass, one-touch pass and your toe-drag, then you really need to try this puck,” said Tom Pederson inventor of the Green Biscuit. “The Green Biscuit works great with several of the products available at xHockeyProducts.com and xHockeyProducts.ca too, the hockey training aids like the xPasser™ and the xDeviator™ - they go hand and hand with each other. You won’t have to use the Green Biscuit for very long before you will say, ‘Wow, this is the real deal!’”

Being a former NHLer, Tom appreciates the attention to detail fellow NHL Alumni member Peter Ing and New Jersey Devils defenseman Bryce Salvador bring to their company, xHockeyProducts.com and xHockeyProducts.ca. They know the amount of work required to hone your hockey skills, whether the ultimate goal is reaching the NHL or simply perfecting your puck handling and passing skills for a recreational league. Their combined experience as pro players helps them to understand the importance of a hockey training aid like the Green Biscuit.

“There is a trust there,” he said of working with Peter and Bryce. “We’re in a very specific group, we are former NHL hockey players and it’s kind of a brotherhood or fraternity, if you will. Once you play at that level you realize what it actually takes to get there and what it takes to stay there. There is a mutual respect for each other and any player that has ever been there, whether you played with them or not. Obviously, if you played with someone, the bond is a little stronger, but I know what it takes to play in the NHL and it takes a real commitment.”

Typically ships in 1 - 2 business days
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