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  • Outdoor Backyard Ice Rink LINER Canada
  • Outdoor Backyard Ice Rink LINER Canada
  • Outdoor Backyard Ice Rink LINER Canada
  • Outdoor Backyard Ice Rink LINER Canada
  • Outdoor Backyard Ice Rink LINER Canada
  • Outdoor Backyard Ice Rink LINER Canada
  • Outdoor Backyard Ice Rink LINER Canada
  • Outdoor Backyard Ice Rink LINER Canada
  • Outdoor Backyard Ice Rink LINER Canada
  • Outdoor Backyard Ice Rink LINER Canada
Iron Sleek XHP Number: Liner

Ice Rink LINER

Price: $65.95 - $709.95
Typically ships in 1 - 3 business days

Outdoor backyard Ice Rink Liners are made with premium 3-ply construction and are either 5mm thick (for 25 ft wide liners and below) or 6mm thick (for 30 ft wide liners and above). To protect your precious ice rink, all of our liners are bright white on both sides to reflect the sun's heating rays back to the atmosphere. In addition, these rink liners are impermeable and pin-hole free.

The key to building a great outdoor ice rink is in a solid, quality waterproof base and this Ice Rink Liner will help to make you winter project an enjoyable experience. Ahhhh...memories!!

  • UV Tested.
  • 1st Melt Plastic Resin.
  • Ultra white colour.
  • 100% recyclable.
  • One White Ice Rink LINER.
  • 24 and 25 ft wide LINERS are 5 milimetres thick and 3-ply
  • 30, 32, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 80 ft wide LINERS are 6 milimetres thick and 3-ply.
  • Rolled onto a solid core for safety and ease of installation.
  • Ships in a heavy duty, double-walled box that is taped and banded. 
  • AVOID DELAYS: ensure your CREDIT CARD and BILLING addresses MATCH.

Iron Sleek manufactures some of the finest quality 5 or 6 milimetre, multi-layered, white Ice Rink Liners available. Each size comes as a single seamless sheet and only virgin polyethylene plastic resins (LDPE) are utilized. This means NO RECYCLED MATERIALS, NO POST CONSUMER PRODUCT ADDITIVES, and NO INFERIOR FINISHED PRODUCTS...just 100% pure plastic liners that are specifically designed for winter ice rinks.

These seamless poly sheet ice liners are engineered to withstand the frigid cold without cracking, and best of all, they are 100% water tight. Iron Sleek liners do not seep water (like woven tarps do) and they are 100% water tight...a true necessity for freeze/thaw weather conditions!

  • The perfect liner to rebuild your rink from the year before.
  • Allow approximately 5 feet on both ends of the liner for brackets and boards.
  • 100% Pure Plastic 6mil 3 Ply.
  • High Strength and UV Tested Liner.
  • The first melt plastic resin.
  • The White color liner provides a reflective surface to help keep the sun's rays from melting your rink.
  • Ships in a heavy-duty double walled box. Note: the oversized dimensions and weights of these shipments lead to higher shipping costs.
How to choose an ice rink liner

Choose a liner big enough to cover your entire skating surface (and then some). Bigger is always better in this case of choosing a liner. The 100% plastic ice rink tarp should reach all the way up the boards and droop down a bit. A great rule of thumb is to add 5 feet or more to the length and width. For ground that has a lot of divots and humps, be sure to add extra liner because the liner will follow the contour of the rinks surface. For example, a rink that is 30 by 50 should use a plastic liner or tarp that is at least 35 by 55. It is always good to have extra liner just in case you need to use taller boards. Always error on the side of additional liner, because once the sheet is down and filled with water, it cannot be shifted. A bigger liner will provide rookie forgiveness for any misjudgments or misalignments. A great way to obtain a discount on your rink is to consider one of our backyard ice rink kits. 

  • For longer rinks over 60 feet. Add 10 feet to the length of your rink as longer rinks have more variables. You will not regret the extra plastic.
  • For rinks on wavy and undulating ground, add 10 feet on length and width for small rinks and possibly more for bigger rinks. Undulating ground will consume more liner than you expect once the liner is filled and follows the waviness of ground.
  • Tall boards- Be sure to add the board heights to the liner extra. For example, for a 30 by 50 with 4 foot boards all around, Choose 45 by 65. That is the 5 foot rule plus the board heights rounded up to our nearest liner pre-cut size.
  • Play it say with your liner sizing. Bigger is almost always better. If you are a first timer, DO NOT MAKE THE MISTAKE OF GETTING TOO SMALL OF A LINER.
Installing an ice rink liner

Treat your liner very carefully when installing it. Be sure that nothing sharp is within your rink area or on your boards. One common mistake is not noticing screws that have protruded through the boards and into the rink area. If you happen to have a mishap, note that our outdoor rink liners come with the best super tape to seal it water tight again.

Fill the bottom gaps with soil and compact or use our ice rink board foam cover. Carefully unroll your liner and unfold the width. Now, tuck your liner down gently into the rink bottom. Do not staple your ice rink liner until the water is fully settled around the rink frame. Iron Sleek Rink Topper is a great alternative to stapling.

Pro Tips: Do not walk on your liner as it is key foundation to a great skating season. Never reach into your rink enclosure with tools that could damage your liner (tools can mistakenly drop).

Our ice rink liners are packed in heavy duty boxes so you may enjoy the convenience of getting an ice rink liner to your door step.


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