• BladeTape Stick GripTape
  • BladeTape Stick GripTape
  • BladeTape Stick GripTape
  • BladeTape Stick GripTape
XHP Number: BladeTape-GripTape-White

BladeTape Stick GripTape

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The GripTape by BladeTape gives you the same great rubber tackiness on the butt end of your stick. The patented shock absorbing texturized pattern give you ultimate stickhandling and shooting control.

  • One set of White GripTape by BladeTape (three stips).

GripTape by BladeTape provides the same great alternative to traditional stick tape but is cut into strips to wrap around the butt end of your stick. Each packages comes with three pieces so you can customize the feel to suit your needs. The patented shock absorbing face and texturized pattern on the rubber offer you the ultimate in control for stick handling and shooting.

  • Dual-function tape tp act as a protector for the tip of the blade and/or as a hand-grip at the top of the shaft.
  • GripTape’s rubber surface repels water, snow and ice so you can be in control.
  • Using "peel and stick" adhesive technology, the GripTape can be applied easily to your stick in less than 30 seconds.
  • Same great BladeTape tackiness and feel for the butt end of your stick.

Simply Peel and Stick to either the blade of your stick to protect the top or on the butt end of your shaft to act as hand-grip tape.

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